Beach access

As of July 2014, we have bought a 2 acre piece of land right on the water, in front of the land development. As you can see on the main map, the beach is in front of plot 97 and 99, and we are planning on building a little suspension bridge for pedestrians walking through plot 97.



At the moment, the beach is being cleaned up of weeds, and we are paving a road from the main gate so people can drive down to launch their boats or jet skis.


We also have a small swimming deck that will be improved.


Apart from the main path and the beach shore that will be public and accessible to all of our residents, we also offer a few plots for sale right by the beach. Those plots are small (about 500 sqm or 5,000 sqft) and perfect for a small winter retreat by the water. Please get in touch for more information.


This is what it will look like :