Our property


We have a total of 3 rooms to rent, by the room or you can rent the entire property.

hostel peten itza

This is a waterfront property, with 30 meters of private beach over Lake Petén Itzá.


There is a small thatched house with 2 bedrooms sharing one bathroom, a kitchen and pantry, and a separate unit with a bedroom, en-suite bathroom, summer kitchen and panoramic terrace.


I (Pauline from France) generally live there, so if you rent a room I will be there too. If you rent the whole property while I am traveling, there will be a gardener and a maid coming to clean and upkeep the property.


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rent house peten itza

This part of Lake Petén Itzá is still wide and quiet, at night you will hear hawling monkeys and frogs, you can fish, hike in the jungle, etc. Tikal is 30 miles away and Flores is 20 miles away.


We also have a chicken coop, a couple of turkeys, ducks and geese on the property. They will be there even if we are not but the handyman will feed them, so no work is required on your side. Just know they are there.


Our place is in the middle of the jungle, so you expect animals to be all around. Generally, mosquitoes bite for an hour around sunset and disappear until the next day. We keep the place as clean as possible but you may see the occasional critter, even a scorpion. Know that they do not sting if you keep still and let them go, only when they feel threatened. Wild animals can pay you a visit too, though that is very rare, we have seen wild foxes, rackoons, some beautiful varieties of bird, and even a turtle in the lake.