Landing Page

Image of roll of $100 billsWhat’s a landing page? It’s designed for a brand-new reader to “land” and instantly be able to focus on what you want her to do.

Landing pages convert traffic into money

Or into sign-ups, or subscribers, or whatever goals you might have with your own blog.

Sales pages are often created as landing pages. So are the opt-in pages for email newsletters and promotions. You could even use them for charity fundraising, or to sign up more volunteers for your kid’s school.

Content landing pages can be used to pull together your best, most useful posts into one great resource on a particular topic. You can then optimize that page for SEO, put a compelling headline on it, get your friends to share it on twitter and Facebook, and start building links.

Landing pages focus attention

Normally a landing page has one single action that you want the reader to take next. The only links on a landing page are often to the single action that you want the reader to take next.

That’s why this template is formatted without any sidebars or headers. The reader’s attention is totally focused on this page, without distraction. You don’t want her to “browse” or wander around, you want her to take a single, well-defined action.

Yes, you can use images on a landing page

image saying "satisfaction guaranteed"While you don’t want to have a lot of links distracting your reader, images can often help you tell your product’s story.

You might include a photo of your own smiling face, to maintain trust and rapport and remind the reader that they’re dealing with a real person.

You might include a product image.

You might have a photo of a happy customer using the product.

And it’s always great to have a “Satisfaction Guaranteed” badge.

Landing pages are all about persuading your readers to take some action, and images can often be very persuasive!