The rooms

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Big room, about 20sqm 220sqft, plus en-suite bathroom with shower.


This room has A/C. One queen size bed (Guatemalan queen size is a little smaller than US queen size, at 160cm), bedside tables and lots of space to store your things, desk, a dozen plugs to charge your laptops and phones.

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The bathroom has a walk-in closet, and the shower has hot water via an electric system, meaning the water is hot but not boiling hot.

Room 1

Room 1


This room has huge 8 sqm French door that offers a gorgeous view over the lake. This is also the room with the most privacy of the property.







Room 2

Room 2




This is a small room, about 8sqm, 80sqft, with a double bed that is 140cm wide, a desk and a couple of bedside tables. It has no view, because its two windows that are mosquito nets are over the corridor that leads to room 2, so you can see partially the lake and garden but through that double mosquito net from the room’s windows and the corridor.

It has weaved carpets on the ceiling to keep it fresh and is the freshest room of all, when you don’t count the A/C in room 1. It has a couple of plugs for your things, and you can store your belonging in the desk’s drawers but it does not have a formal wardrobe.

Room 3 shares a bathroom with room 2, see above for description.



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This is a medium room, about 12 sqm, 125 sqft, with a big wardrobe, two single beds and a bedside table. I has a partial lake view and you see the garden as well. The room has no A/C, we can provide a fan if nights are hot. All the windows are closed by mosquito nets.

It is a simple, clean room with a couple of plugs too if you need to charge things.

The room shares a bathroom with room 3, although it is quite unlikely that we would rent both room to different travelers, so you would either share it with your family, or have it to yourself.

The bathroom has an electric shower, meaning the water is hot but not super hot. Compared to most Guatemalan showers it is above average, but quite simple by Western standards.